Your data organised and analytics-ready

Your data organised and analytics-ready

Our experience shows that most small to medium enterprises do not have a lot of time to think about the higher, faster, better side of the ledger. In a changing world, typically it’s all about reacting and ‘pivoting’. The pandemic has been an interesting example of the external environment driving changes as discussed in the Small Business Counts December 2020 report.

We invite you to use our expertise to help you understand your existing data assets, and get them analytics-ready using our standardised approach.

Standard introductory process

Our standard process takes an iterative, step-wise approach to rapidly:

  • Understand your business context
  • Identify and document your key data assets and privacy attributes
  • Define access and assess initial data quality
  • Workshop possible ways to use your data, additional data you could collect, and identify potential open data sets
  • Document and dashboard some representative examples as prompts to further exploration.

Depending on the size, nature and complexity of your business this process typically takes 2 to 5 days of our time and requires 4 to 8 hours of your time during this period. The overwhelming majority of this work can be performed remotely.

We will begin by a review of any documentation that you may have to expedite the process, however, again our experience shows that documentation may be sparse.


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